Hindsight 2020 at CityArts Gallery – Orlando

If you follow my work, you may have seen some of my photographs taken from behind the wheel of my car. I started doing this in 2020 when my activites, like everyone else’s, were so sharply curtailed.

I became particularly interested in the view from inside during a car wash. I have developed an ongoing series that now comprises 8 images, taken at three different car wash locations. When I heard about the Hindsight 2020 open call at CityArts Orlando, a Gallery space near where I live – these photos came to mind! To see more of the Car Wash images – see this earlier post.

After all, who wasn’t focused on soap, cleanliness and cleaning in 2020? This piece, Car Wash 3, is on view at the gallery’s second floor through March 14th. The piece is 11×14 in a 14×18 frame, with mat. Contact CityArts to purchase!

Car Wash 3 a photo by LensMoments - Nichole Spates 2020
Car Wash 3

There are many other interesting pieces in the Hindsight Exhibition as well, and the gallery itself is a beautiful space in a renovated Victorian shingle home. They take all precautions- timed entry, masks and temperature checks.

Thanks for stopping by!


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