A native of Atlanta, Nichole Spates lived in New York City for seventeen years before moving to Orlando, Florida in 2019. She enjoys exploring her new home, a fascinating mix of urban and natural environments and sites interesting and mundane. Nichole’s work reflects the diversity of experiences that she encounters in her daily life and her style is expressed through the lens of her personal interests which, beyond photography, include urban landscapes and parks, dance, nature, modern art and public art. Of particular interest is the overlaying of disparate images through the use of digital double or multiple exposure. Her work has been shown in group exhibitions in New York City and Central Florida, and in online exhibitions and literary journals. An adaptation of the images from her In My House mini photo series can been seen as a 4’ x 10’ hand-painted art panel entitled Frond Memories (2021) in neighborhood of Ivanhoe Village in Orlando. Since 2020, Nichole has worked exclusively with the cameras in Pixel smartphones.

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My Good Side Self Portraits, 2019