Spotlight On: Femmes Fatales Still Life Series

You may not be a dancer, but chances are you know somebody that is.  I speak from decades of experience as a dancer: we are tough and disciplined but also sensitive and playful.

With my Femmes Fatales still life series of 2018, I tried to capture these qualities.  The three images below are the most popular.  I have them in inventory and you can purchase one using the PayPal button.

Here’s to strong women! Cheers.

pink tango shoes, stilettos, caution tape, composed in a still life photograph
Femmes Fatales: Caution
tango shoes, heels, velvet top, jewelry, arranged in a still life, black and white photography
Femmes Fatales: Remains of the Day


Stiletto Empire original photo print, art for sale, available on Society6 (c) LensMoments by Nichole Spates 2019

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