In My House Series

I was recently challenged to create some images based on the phrase- in my house. This idea of photographing household objects wasn’t new to me, I’ve done still life or composed shots in my home and have also indulged some of my shadow photography habit using household objects as a catalyst.

I ended up choosing a fire screen, a metal fern frond on a marble stand, a Japanese door curtain (by MYRU) and a faux-wood wall hanging as the items I was going to play with.

In My House: Mad About Fronds

I took my source photographs with my camera of choice – a Google Pixel 3a – a fantastic smartphone camera – and then edited them in Snapseed. Next, I double exposed one source image with another and edited again. Finally, I played with tint, temperature and curves to create a cohesive color pallette. A little final cropping and resizing and I was done.

After considering the three images that I had, I remembered an composite from last year that I thought would fit in with the set, with its vertical orientation and its use of a different frond on a stand as inspiration. I toned it blue, instead of it’s original green, and named it Blue Shadows.

A pebbled surface runs behind all of the images, that is my apartment’s wall treatment.

I’m happy with the series as it is now. I may be inspired to add to it someday!

If you’d like to see some of my other household object photography, check out these posts:

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