Curating My Own Work

The time had come for some new business cards. I order them from MOO, and use them sparingly, as they are double sided, high quality and quite expensive. That being said, a beautiful business card really stands out and has a sort of retro charm.

MOO allows you to upload as many back side images as the number of cards that you are ordering: 50 cards, 50 unique back side images possible. I usually go with 25 so that there are two of each.

I began by updating my “logo” which is the front of my card and the image I use in stickers that I put on the back of pieces that I exhibit or sell.

Then I put on my curator hat and decided to browse through two years worth of keeper photographs. I attempted to choose a range of images that showcase my varied photographic interests. It wasn’t easy. Some just didn’t translate a 3×2 inches, and I chose rounded edge cards which posed another challenge.

Here are just 9 of the 29 images that I eventually settled on. This was a good experience, taking a hard look at my own work with an editors eye.

Have you had to curate your own work recently? How did it go?
As always, thanks for stopping by!

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