shadow selfie with mannequins

Ruby Red Feature- Envision Arts

Hello everyone.  I’m delighted that two of my photographs were selected by Envision Arts for their Ruby Exhibition- celebrating bold red color. I was one of only 9 artists chosen and I think that all of the work included is very strong!

These are the photos of mine that are on exhibit, and below is my statement about the pieces. Click here to see the exhibit!

shadow selfie with mannequins
selfie with mannequins
3/4 mod selfie, reflected
3/4 selfie

My images, composed or ephemeral, often speak to nostalgia, whether it be a lost connection to nature, the clash between old and new or the loss of youth.  Although captured in a fast-moving contemporary space, my photographs draw parallels to simpler times.  One current phenomenon that has me completely turned off is the Selfie.  The lengths that people go to with their makeup, smartphone camera angles and apps to capture that idealized image of themselves is a source of amazement and disgust for me.  Yes, collecting a few good images that truly represent oneself over the years is a valid pursuit, hundreds…thousands of selfies are just a waste of time.  On a recent visit to the new TWA Hotel located at JFK Airport, a monument to mid-Century modern design, I was inspired to try to capture myself in a coy, old-fashioned way in the space-age red and white main building.  In some capsular side rooms adjacent to what was once the TWA terminal, I found inspiration using sunlight, shadow, mirrors and doors.  The results are these three partial self-portraits, or anti-selfies, set against the ruby red of the room.


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