Spotlight on Abstract/Experimental

peacock feathers, resting peacock tail, tailfeathers, zoo animals, birds
I’m a big fan of isolating organic things.

I’ve never been a specialist personality type. I like to delve into as many areas of a genre as possible and to try to hone my skills across the board.

The same goes with photography. I find my working fitting into several categories. These “spotlights” will feature LensMomentsNS photographs curated by subject area.

In this post, I’ll highlight a few images that I consider distorted, abstract or experimental in some way.

abstract, experimental, fine art, photography
One of 3 of my Candle Dark series- for sale on this site!


As always, feedback, leads and suggestions are welcome. I exhibit, sell and occasionally donate my work.  Contact me through this site or at

relfection in glass, 3rd avenue, manhattan, street scene, jazz
3rd Avenue Jam, reminds me of a jazz composition
reflection in glass, lower manhattan, world trade center, oculus, summer
Urban Abstractionn: Tourist Season
hand, shadow, light, dramatic
Avoiding the Self Portrait Assignment



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