Photo Series: conTEXTnaTURE

Updated 7/31/19

My ongoing photo series ConTEXTnaTURE zeroes in on the beauty of leaf structure, surface and geometry, but portrays this beauty in sepia tones, conveying nostalgia for a loss of connection to nature in contemporary life.

thumbnails from the ConTEXTnaTURE series by LensMoments by Nichole Spates (c) 2017

I have shown two of the pieces in 12×12 format, as black canvas prints. However, I’d like the opportunity to show all five as shown here (they are all square).
The images are best printed as 8×8, 12×12 or 16×16. If anyone knows of any calls that might be appropriate, or of any interested buyers, please pass them on, and thank you!

—————You may also have noticed that one of these images makes up my logo!——-

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