A Generation Xer’s Technology Story

Back in my childhood, I would have thought a byte was a bite misspelled,

and a pixel probably had something to do with Disney’s production studio.

In my school days, getting something published referred only to the written word…on actual paper.

Posting a photo was a physical act performed at the post office or possibly with a tack!

But I grew up and entered the digital age as an adult and had to become conversant in a new language,

adept at changing technologies,

and to find my creativity in new ways.

The experience of blogging has lately become my teacher and the ever-changing tools of  the internet my muse as I become conversant in the new me.


Today I started yet another new chapter in my technological evolution.

Flash back to my teen years again, and if you told me you were studing Data Science, I’d laugh and think you had joined a Star Trek Next Generation fan group.

But in fact, knowing how to aggregate, analyze and explain data sets is a skill in high demand today.

I yet again seek to become conversant in a new language!

And- as a bonus- it can help me to be a better blogger and brand ambassador for my photo work.



PS: take a look at my other blog  EONYC, started in 2015, it’s all about my adventures in New York City!


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