Photo Collage Dabbling

Updated 5/18/19

In my work with transferring selected photographs into images suitable for sublimation printing onto clothing, jewelry, housewares, etc, I have become interested in making collages. This experimentation with pattern is completely new to me.

Below: Good Dog Poodle Collage and how it translates to tea towels.


Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of skill in this area, or sophisticated software.  I’ve been using free, simple tools like Adobe Spark, Google Photos and Instagram Layouts to combine my previously edited photos with blocks of color,or to slice and dice several photos into one.

I’d love to hear feedback on what you all think of these so far.  All of the collages in this post are available as merchandise in my VIDA shop

Library Panes original tile & merchandise thumbnails (wood wall panel, pocket square and leather journal), inspired by photos taken in the J P Morgan Library, Manhattan.

My Post (2)


Japanese Garden, Spring, Original Tile & Thumbnails (pouch, pillow, sleeveless top), inspsired by the beatiful garden at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

My Post (3)


Floral Panes, I can’t find the original tile for this one, but are two of the photos that inspired it, from the Macy’s Flower show.




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