Personal Reflection

As a dance student, performer and teacher, I spent countless hours over more than three decades standing in front of full length mirrors. This can be tough.

As you get to know a studio, yopu try to situate yourself near the “skinny” mirrors. Mirrors can distort and so can your thinking. If this sounds shallow, it isn’t. It is self preservation.

A few days ago my old dancer instinct kicked in. My hand went for my phone to snap a photo. I saw me, reflected, but looking taller and thinner…more adolescent with my curves elongated.

The dancer still lives in me, always looking for an advantage, to make an impression.

Interesting, since I’ve retired. Now when I dance it is in low light with my eyes closed or obstructed by my partner in an Argentine tango embrace.

Photography is a new way to process feelings about myself and the world around me. I may be less focused on my own gestures, but yours could be the ticket to that decisive photo moment.

Below are a few more self portraits that I took in a transitional time in my life.

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