Photo Series 3: Analog/Reality Prospect Park


Unfortunately, I hold long-term disappointment in Prospect Park, Brooklyn’s signature park.  In summary:

The parkk wasdesigned and executed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux shortly after they finished Central Park in Manhattan.  150 years later, it is the shabby step-sister of Central Park and I always leave wondering why.  Countless fallen dead trees, crumbling sidewalks, garbage, inadequate restroomso and riginal structures slowly dying, many unused, abound.

There are some renovated and well-kept areas, but so much work remains to be done. However, Prospect Park does provide an interesting place to take photos of things that are in a state of decay, a recent passion of mine!

All of the photos in the post were taken with my Fujifilm Instax Sq10 camera, and then printed.  I then took pictures of the prints to retain the analog quality, rather than downloading the images from the camera’s MicroSD card.


Detail, pavililon

Ceiling, pavillion
Shored up brownstone bridge
wagon outsidde the Lefferts Home
Lefferts Home
Boat House Promenade
Boathouse seen through peeling bridge siding

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