Same Photo, Different Papers

I use AdoramaPix for most of my printing. They do wonderful work. However, I have a lot to learn when it comes to printing, and sometimes I feel that I haven’t chosen the right paper for a project.

So, I conducted an experiment, ordering my image Cracked in Coney Island from AdoramaPix on photo paper in Deep Matte, Luster, Metallicand Matte (L to R, top to bottom) finishes.

Interesting, right? To me, the bottom two are the most successful for this image. Do you agree? What company do you use for photo printing art projects?

Metallic prints are one of my latest new discoveries, and I am fond of Deep Matte, but it is not suited to many types of images.

Thanks for reading!


Deep Matte, Luster, Metalic and Matte (L to R, top to bottom) finishes.



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