Photo Series 2: Grand Central in Detail

This one is an idea I have for a book. I actually just did a simple mock-up of one today.   I have always loved Grand Central, but having now spent six weeks visiting it multiple times a week, I love it even more.  It’s the quality, the attention to detail, the old-fashioned “build it to last” workmanship.

I did a little research and found books on the history, construction, renovation, and overall signficance of the terminal.  I didn’t find any that were about the imagery of he terminal itself.
Here are some thumbnails so you can get the jist of what I’ve been doing.  I confess that these were all taken with my Smartphone.  I will need to go and re-shoot, but they are high enough quality to record what I was seeing and where.
Please share your thoughts, if any!  Thanks for reading this!



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