Portfolio: Interior Decor

Updated 2 10 19

Several of these images grace my own walls, so I know that they would be stunning on yours! Most recently, I’ve added Wall Tapestries to my home and office decor offerings.  These seem to be growing in popularity, as I see them for sale in both online and brick-and-mortar shops.

The wall tapestries are available in multiple sizes.  You can find them in my VIDA Studio shop, and of course, you can always contact me about any of my pieces via this site.

My photos were placed on hypothetical walls using WallApp by OhMyPrints

Black Swan

Black Swan

Manhattan Bridge

Manhattan Bridge


Find Your Roots

Salt Marsh, early fall

Marsh Grass

Hawaiian Plumeria
Hawaiian Plumeria
Banyan Courtyard, Honolulu
Leaf on Leaf
Majestic Giraffe, Honolulu
Maritime Ropes, discarded

ohmyprints-21092018-022345 - Copy

Esztergom, Hungary Basilica


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