Instax Goes Dancing

It’s a fact that people living countries or areas far north of the Equator spend more time engaging in indoor activities and much of the times these are of a social nature.  The shorter days, longer nights and colder temps drive us indoors but we still want to connect with others.
If you are regular reader of my posts, you’ll also know that I am a dancer.  In my younger days, I did ballet, jazz and modern dance.  In college, I was introduced to social dance and then again in my late 20’s in New York.  I settled on Argentine tango as my dance of choice about 10 years ago.
After I got the hang of how to use my wonderful FujiFilm SQ10 camera that I bought last spring, I started taking it with me to Milongas (Argentine tango social dances) in Manhattan.  I finally got a MicroSD card and adapter in September, so now I can edit and share photos more easily.
Here some of my dancing friends, interpreted by my  Instax as downloaded from the SD card!  If you like these, please also see my earlier post, which features some instant prints: Instax Gratification



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