Marine Park, Brooklyn

The second in my Brooklyn Neighborhoods series is Marine Park, far to the south of the Borough, beyond the reach of the subway system but still easily accessible by bus.

This neighborhood feels terribly suburban to me, and I should know, I grew up in the sprawling suburbs of Atlanta.  However the Park saves it.  Marine Park encompasses the usual, ball fields, picnic areas, kayak rental, but also is home to a Salt Marsh natural wetlands area on Jamaica Bay.  The Marsh has been designated a Forever Wild Preserve, which means that the New York City Parks department has deemed it ecologically valuable land.

I took a long, strolling walk through! the Marsh on a cool, bright early autumn day and enjoyed it immensely.  I will share photos of the Marsh below, but also a few of the neighborhood and I hope you enjoy them.

This is not Brownstone Brooklyn but the area is not without its perks!  Ok, here come the perks, starting with the placid inlet and Nature Center.

And then the lovely marsh walk.

For more on Marine Park, click here.


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